Why You Should Buy Wholesale Products from  Wholesale Schools

Wholesale Schools - A Trusted Wholesale School Uniform Supplier based in the United States in the local region of New Jersey.  Founded in 1999 under the name Premium Imports Inc.

We have been in the wholesale clothing business supplying many local retailers nation wide  Some which you may have heard of or have been to in your local area.  We have a large inventory of products and warehouses located in New Jersey , New York & California . Where you can find the best wholesale prices and quality products. So the question remains,

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Products from Wholesale Schools ? 

Well we have listed our Top 10 reasons we think you should buy wholesale products from us rather than other competitors - who may not have the best quality or products.

1. We are a Trusted Wholesale Supplier & Distributor in United States. - We have been an established business supplying many local stores nation wide across the united states since 1999 .  Our Customer Service team is on call 24/7 to answer all of your questions. Or You can pay us a visit and see for yourself. We are located at 90 Dayton ave Passaic , New Jersey. 


2. Increase your sales and your reviews - by purchasing our top quality items with our discounted wholesale price. ( the better the products the more the value. Value products = loyal customers, loyal customers = consistent cash flow and more PROFIT $$ ) 


3. SAVE MONEY - Since we are a wholesale supplier & Distributor we can offer you the best price without losing any quality in our products. 


4. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY - We ship directly to you ! so there's no middle man. Our products come straight to us from our manufacturer and are not listed for sale until they have arrived and been inspected at our warehouse. This cuts the cost and handling time in half so we can ship out your order as soon as possible.


5. FAST & FREE SHIPPING - We Ship your orders the same day we receive them. Whether it be  UPS or USPS  we have your order ready to go as soon as possible. Tracking number is sent via email after order is shipped. All orders over 100$ are eligible for free shipping. 


6. Private Label Your Products - Looking to Private Label Your Products? or perhaps you need a Private Label supplier to sell via Amazon Fba . - We can help. For Large orders containing at-least 2 pallets or orders over 5k we can add your customized logo and choice of color and size . (separate fees and terms may apply, call 718-486-7125 for more info )


7. Ship to your AMAZON FBA Account - We can ship your order of wholesale products straight to Amazon warehouse for your products to be sold. Just send us the product labels/box labels and shipping info and we will take care of the rest. this saves you time and money. Call US for more info on how to get started drop shipping your inventory to amazon. 


8. Never Run Out Of Inventory - An Endless amount of inventory is Key to running a successful business. Any business online or offline rely's on there inventory to sell and make there profits. Without inventory you wont have anything to offer your customers. I always like to say "Don't let the well run dry" . That is why we have an endless supply of inventory to offer you so that no matter the quantity of your order we are ready to supply and ship your order on time. We are consistently replenishing our inventory and expanding our products so you never have to worry about running low on products when ordering from our store


9. Not Just Uniforms - Though we are best known for our top quality school uniforms , we also carry a wide range of other wholesale products including :  Athletic Gym Wear, Women's Thermal Sets, Women & Juniors Clothing, Thermal Sets for Kids, Lounge wear, Pajama Sets , Fleece Blankets & More. 



10. Supply Your Business - We sell to any size & any type of business - Whether you have a 1200 square foot warehouse or just a space in your garage we can supply you with all your wholesale needs. We don't discriminate any type of business big or small. From online store to warehouses to your local shopping mall - is the place to shop when your looking for wholesale prices and top quality products.


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2017 Emily Ace