The Time-Saving Power of School Uniforms

When you have children, time is a precious resource. Between taking to school, helping them with their homework, caring for them, teaching them about life, spending quality time with them, and your other responsibilities and needs, being a parent is more than a full-time job. You simply don’t have time to waste on things that don’t really matter. This is where school uniforms come in. School uniforms are one of the best ways that kids and parents can save time, along with a wide variety of other benefits. In this blog, we will go over the variety of ways time is saved by school uniforms.

In the Morning

Any parent who has gone through a power struggle with their child over what outfit they should wear in the morning can tell you that it takes a significant amount of time. When your child doesn’t wear a uniform to school, they have to spend time choosing an outfit and getting dressed. If your child has a rebellious streak, this painful task can be even slower. Wit a school uniform, however, they know exactly what they are wearing. There doesn’t have to be a whole song and dance about getting dressed in the morning; they simply put on their uniform and head out the door, saving everyone a lot of time. They will appreciate being able to sleep in longer than they would have!

When Shopping

At the beginning of every school year, there is one event that is advertised by every major clothing retailer: back to school shopping! While the sales can be tempting, loading up the kids and heading to the mall to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes hardly sounds like a fun time for anyone. Not only do these trips cost a ridiculous amount of money, they take an extensive amount of time. You can’t get away with one single day of difficult shopping when it comes to clothing your child for an entire school year; inevitably, something will tear or be stained beyond repair, or your child will simply outgrow it. This means more of the dreaded shopping trips. What if instead, you only ever had to buy a couple of uniforms for your child for them to make it throughout the year? No more crowded shopping centers or wasted Saturdays; now you can spend more quality time with your children instead of dragging them through annoying errands.

At Laundry Time

If your child attends school, they are old enough to help you with the laundry. When they have a high volume of clothes, however, this task is much more time intensive. Between sorting colors and weights of clothing, washing several loads, and then folding and putting them away, washing clothes is quite the task when your child doesn’t have a school uniform. School uniforms significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to do laundry. Instead of dozens of garments, you are washing a single load and getting all of your child’s laundry done for the week. The added bonus is that it will be very easy to teach your child to do their own laundry this way, saving you the time of doing this chore yourself.

Discipline Time

Because schools without school uniforms allow their students to choose their own clothing, they inevitably end up having issues with students. They may have a dress code, but it is much easier for your child to rebel against it when they are dressing themselves. Whether it is because their outfit is too revealing or offensive in some other way, dress code violations cause disruptions for students, teachers, and administrators alike. Time spent discipling children for their dress code violations could be better spent promoting their education. When a school has a uniform, it is much easier for teachers to spot infractions, and much less room for argument when students are not presenting themselves properly.

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