The Positive Impact of School Uniforms on Children

More and more schools are adopting uniform policies, and it isn’t hard to understand why when you consider the facts. Overwhelmingly, school uniforms have shown to have a positive effect on the school environment, the students, and the community as a whole. Though many children don’t like the idea of a school uniform, they actually have the most to gain from a school uniform policy. In this blog, we will go over ways in which children can benefit from school uniforms.

Decreased Distractions

While different schools will implement dress code policies different ways, the general purpose of a dress code is to decrease distractions. A school may have a long list of clothing that students aren’t allowed to wear to school, such as halter tops, torn clothes, clothes that reveal undergarments, t-shirts with vulgar statements, gang colors, spandex, pajamas, short skirts, muscle shirts, see-through shirts, and more. This makes sense because these garments can offend, distract, or create conflict in a school environment. However, even when schools implement dress codes, there are always students who will break the rules, causing teachers to have to discipline them and take away from class time. When a school implements a uniform policy, any violations of the dress code are far more obvious and can be quickly resolved. With less discrepancy about what is acceptable to wear, it takes away from distractions and allows students to focus on their studies more than their wardrobe.

Social Acceptance

These days, there is a lot of pressure on kids to keep up with the latest trends. When a child wears clothes that are not considered “in,” it can be a struggle to fit in with their classmates. This means that low-income students often feel excluded or have difficulty making friends if they can’t afford new clothes very often. There becomes a social class system within the school according to how “cool” and expensive children’s clothes are. When a school uniform is put into place, lower income students don’t have to worry about staying up to date and fashionable with their clothing choices; everyone will have to dress the same.

With everyone wearing the same clothes, not only does it help lower income students fit in, it also causes a psychological effect that has been demonstrated by people wearing uniforms throughout time. Uniforms are meant to unify those who wear them, separating them from the crowd and making them easily relate to each other. Students who wear school uniforms feel more unified as a school than those who do not.

Better Behavior

Research shows that school uniforms improve behavioral issues at school, including reducing crime. Increasing the safety of students is an important goal of schools because they cannot focus on their education if they are afraid of crime. In Long Beach, after school uniforms were adopted by the school district, crime rates dropped by 91 percent, suspensions dropped by 90 percent, sex offenses dropped by 96 percent, and vandalism dropped by 69 percent. Grades and test scores rose, discipline issues declined, and fewer students missed school or were tardy. With these results, more and more schools are adopting uniform policies to reap the powerful benefits that uniforms have on students, their education, and the community as a whole. When a school has a uniform, students show the school, the teachers, and themselves greater respect as a result.

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