School Uniforms: The Economical Choice

School uniforms offer a wide variety of benefits to schools, families, and communities as a whole. From reducing crime to saving time, there are many reasons why a school uniform policy is a smart idea. One powerful reason that schools should implement a school uniform is the fact that school uniforms can save parents money. While many worry that a school uniform is going to cost them more money, in actuality, school uniforms are much more economical than not having them.

Save Money Upfront

Many people are under the impression that school uniforms are more expensive than regular clothes for kids, but this simply is not true. All you have to do is look at the statistics to see that school uniforms actually save families money from the start. According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals, on average, the cost of a school uniform (per child) is 150 dollars or less. In contrast, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation, parents spent around 235 dollars per child during back to school shopping, and that doesn’t even include shoes. This fact alone makes school uniforms a more economical choice. Add on the fact that most states have sales tax holidays throughout August to accommodate back-to-school shopping, and that school uniforms are almost always on the list of tax-exempt clothing, parents save a lot of money before school even starts when their child’s school adopts a school uniform policy.

Save Money Over Time

Not only are school uniforms more budget-friendly upfront, school uniforms also save parents money over time. The longer a student attends a school that requires a school uniform, the more savings the parent can anticipate. Some years, last year’s uniform may work just fine for a student, eliminating the need to buy many new school uniforms. Additionally, if a family has multiple children going to the same school, the possibility for hand-me-downs is significantly more likely with a school uniform. While with regular clothes, the children may have different tastes, there is no room for disagreement when it comes to a school uniform. School uniforms save parents money, both upfront and over time.

Save Money With a Budget

School uniforms also make budgeting for the school year a whole lot easier. While dressing a child without a school uniform can come with a lot of unanticipated costs, when it comes to a school uniform, it is much easier to predict how much money you will truly spend. Parents know exactly the cost of the uniform, and can write up a clothing budget in accordance to this. Even if a student should tear, stain, or otherwise damage their uniform beyond repair, requiring a replacement, it is easy to write these types of incidents into a budget without having to set aside too much money. Writing up a budget is a great way to save money overall because it allows parents to have a realistic perception of how much money they actually have to spend and where they can save even more.

Save Money with Your School Uniform Supplier

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