How to Start A Clothing Business By Buying Wholesale

When it comes to clothing retailers, the majority of them buy their clothing supplies wholesale from a variety of manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. For the sake of your new clothing company, it is imperative to buy wholesale in order to make a profit, as this will allow you to mark the clothing up and make a profit without making your products unreasonably experience. If you plan to start a retail clothing business and you are going to buy wholesale, here are some tips you should keep in mind before you start.

Select your niche

When you begin your clothing business, the first step is to establish your niche. For example, you might decide to offer plus size clothing, clothing for men, or children’s clothing in particular. If you decide you wish to sell school uniforms, Wholesale School Uniforms can help! We offer a wide variety of school uniforms and accessories at low prices so you can turn a profit on your investment.

Make sure you have the right permits

If you want to open an account with a wholesale distributor such as Wholesale School Uniforms, you will need the proper business documentations. To legally run a business, you need to look into the permits required, such as a sales tax permit, a resale permit, and an assumed name certification. Speak with the county in which you will be running your business for more details on this process.

Find a venue

You will also need to figure out a venue for your business. The traditional physical store is an expensive option and may not be practical if you are just starting your venture. Other options would include a kiosk at the mall, local flea markets, or opening an online store using a platform such as BigCommerce or Shopify or through an auction website like eBay.

If you are not opening up a brick-and-mortar store, you will also have to find a place to store your inventory. Ideally, you would use a warehouse or commercial storage facility, but if you are just starting out and have a small inventory, a clean closet in your home should suffice, as long as it keeps clothes away from pets, sunlight, and odors.

Consider brands

When you know what your niche market will be, you can determine what brands you would like to sell. If you are trying to open a high-end boutique, you will want access to luxury brands, which will determine which wholesale clothing supplier you use. If you are more interested in selling discount clothing, consider brands that you can buy and still make a profit off of.

Open an account with a wholesale supplier

Next, you need to find the right supplier for your clothing store. Should you decide to sell school uniforms, you have found your supplier here! If not, you will need to do some more research. There are many wholesale clothing suppliers online with whom you can open an account. When you decide to open an account, make sure you have all of the information you need, such as permit information and what you are looking for exactly. 

Organize your business

If you have a physical store, it is essential to lay it out in a way that is logical. If your store is difficult to navigate, you will have a hard time getting repeat customers. Organize the clothing according to type of garment, then sort the clothing by size. Be careful not to cramp clothing too close together or people will be discouraged from browsing or spending much time in your store.

Promote your business

Finally, make sure to take steps to promote your business. Hand out flyers and hang signs in complementary businesses. Make sure that you have a website and social media accounts as well to establish a web presence, as most people search online to find new businesses to frequent. You may also try radio or television ads, if your budget permits.

Now that you know these tips, you are ready to start your retail clothing business by shopping wholesale. At Wholesale School Uniforms, we are proud to provide you with high-quality and affordable school uniforms online. If you are starting a school uniform business, contact us! Our wholesale prices and product quality are the best in the business!