How to Care for School Uniforms

Regardless of whether it is a polo shirt, t-shirt, sweater, or slacks, when a parent invests in a school uniform for their child, they want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. In order to do this, it is essential for them to adopt a care and maintenance regimen that is designed to cause minimum damage to the clothing. This is easier said than done when it comes to children’s school uniforms, as everyone knows that kids aren’t the most careful when it comes to keeping their clothing from getting dirty or damaged. Whether it’s ink stains, grass stains, foods, snags, or tears, there is bound to be some kind of trouble with any school uniform. Constantly replacing school uniform pieces is unrealistic for many parents. Fortunately, with the right laundering and care techniques, parents can spend less time worrying about keeping school uniforms presentable. In this blog, we will go over tips for caring for school uniforms.

Use a gentle wash cycle with cold water

This tip is specifically to help with making sure the school uniform does not fade or wear. A gentle wash cycle will ensure that clothes don’t look worn too soon, and cold water stops colors from running or fading. Use a cold water laundry detergent and spot treat stains before you put the clothes in for best removal results.

Tumble dry on low for a short time

When drying school uniforms, if the heat is too high or the cycle too long, it can drastically shrink the clothing. Prevent shrinking by using the low heat setting and not letting them dry too much. You may even take them out of the dryer while they are still slightly damp to iron them to minimize wrinkling and reduce the risk of shrinkage.

Turn sweaters inside out

If a sweater is part of the school uniform, before washing, turn it inside out to prevent pilling. You may also consider investing in a fabric pill remover, which allows you to remove pilling from a garment without causing any damage.

Use fabric protector

You can also extend the life of school uniforms by spraying the more difficult to clean clothing items with a fabric protector. If you have any jackets or ties included in the uniform, it is wise to spray them with a fabric protector that will repel spills.

Mind embroidery

At Wholesale School Uniforms, we offer many of our uniform pieces with embroidery. Embroidery is a great way to make a school uniform unique, but it is also easy to cause damage to these types of garments. Over time, wear and tear is often inevitable. However, you can protect your embroidery and prevent it from wearing off too quickly. Before laundering a garment with embroidery, turn it inside out. If the embroidery is on the outside, place it is a net bag or pillowcase first.

Reinforce buttons

From blazers to polos, buttons can be the most vulnerable part of a kid’s school uniform. Unfortunately, it can be costly to be constantly replacing buttons, so it is worth it to take extra care. Before your child wears their uniform, reinforce the buttons with extra thread. Additionally, try painting a layer of clear nail polish over each button. This not only prevents scratches, but is also provides additional reinforcement for the threads.

Immediately clean stains

It’s common for kids to stain their school uniforms, particularly when they are roughhousing outside. Unfortunately, the more you wash clothing, the more worn it becomes. Fortunately, you can offset this somewhat by addressing stains immediately without your washing machine. If your child comes home with grass or mud on their clothing, rub detergent directly into the stain and let the stained part (not the entire garment) soak overnight in cold water.

Ask your kids to change right after school

When your child gets home from school, they should immediately change into their home clothes. This reduces the chances of them dirtying their uniform while they are playing outside or eating dinner at the table.

Dry clean every quarter

While most school uniforms are now machine washable, over time, repeated washes cause damage to clothing. You can refresh the school uniform (particularly pieces like blazers) by taking them to be properly dry cleaned every quarter. This will extend the life of the more expensive pieces of the school uniform.

Choose colors

If you have a choice between a white school uniform and another color, always opt for the color. White uniforms are too easy to stain and tends to show signs of wear and tear more readily than their colorful counterparts. For a school uniform that lasts longer, opt for colors whenever you can.

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