10 Advantages of School Uniforms

At Wholesale School Uniforms, we are proud of the products we supply for multiple reasons. Not only are our school uniforms made of high-quality materials and affordable, school uniforms in general are beneficial to the kids who wear them. We feel confident that not only is our product superior to other suppliers, what we are supplying makes a difference in itself. In this blog, we will go over the ways school uniforms put kids at an advantage to learn and thrive in a safe, supportive environment, and how they offer some benefits to the school and parents, too.

Put safety first

Multiple studies have shown that school uniforms make a school safer. In Long Beach, CA, there was a district-wide policy instituted that required K-8 students to wear a uniform. After two years, they saw some staggering results through the statistics:

  • Assault/battery dropped by 34 percent,
  • Assault with a deadly weapon dropped 50 percent,
  • Fighting was down 50 percent,
  • Sex offenses were cut by 75 percent,
  • Robbery incidents were down by 65 percent,
  • Weapon possessions fell 52 percent,
  • Drug possession dropped 69 percent, and
  • Vandalism decreased by 18 percent. 

This incredible results have been shown across several different studies. One 2012 study look into Sparks Middle School, a Nevada school that implemented a school uniform policy. After a year, the data showed a decrease of police reports by 63 percent, and there were notable decrease in fights, gang activity, property damage, and graffiti. In 2010, another study found that schools with uniforms had 12 percent fewer gun-related incidents and 15 percent fewer drug incidents than their uniform-less counterparts. In yet another study of schools, sexual assault was less likely to occur in schools with uniforms.

Statistics aside, it is logical that school uniforms make a school safer. In a uniform, it is harder to conceal weapons. Additionally, it makes it more apparent when there is an intruder on campus, and makes it easier to spot students when taking students on field trips. School uniform policies are safety policies.

Keep them focused

From elementary school to high school, there is much in the school environment to distract students from their studies. One of the biggest distractions to a child is the desire to fit in and be seen as “cool.” School uniforms remove this concern because no one can dress in the latest fashions or, on the flip side, be caught in last year’s trends. Everyone wears the same thing, so students have no choice but to concern themselves less with fashion and more with their studies. In one 2010 study by the University of Houston, elementary school girls’ tests scored three points higher on average after a school uniform policy was implemented. School uniforms help children spend less time worrying about their outward appearance and more time concerned with their grades.

Decrease bullying and peer pressure

One of the biggest concerns in schools today is bullying. Students who are concerned about bullying will be relieved to know that school uniforms can make a big difference in regards to bullying. Because everyone wears the same thing, students who are targeted because of their fashion choices no longer have to worry once a school uniform policy is put in place. By putting all the students on the same level in their appearance, bullies cannot target students for being less fashionable. Additionally, there is significantly less peer pressure when school uniform policies are put in place. One 2013 survey given by the National Association of Elementary School Principals found that 86 percent of administrators found that implementing school uniform policies had positively impacted the role of peer pressure in the school. The theory is that because the uniform creates more of a sense of belonging and blurs the most obvious signs of class, students are less inclined to bully and peer pressure one another. 

Increase school pride and unity

If you have ever put on a t-shirt or sweatshirt from your alma mater, you have experienced this phenomenon before: there is something about wearing your school’s colors and insignia that makes you feel school pride. This is proven to be true; one study of 1,000 middle schoolers in Texas found that the ones that wore school uniforms have much more positive perceptions of their school community and had more of a sense of belonging than their peers at uniform-less schools. School uniforms give students pride in their school, and increase their feelings of trust and respect for their educational institution. It makes them feel important, like they belong in their school. The head of the Center for Research on Aggression at Syracuse University, Arnold Goldstein, PhD, said that troubled students benefit in particular when it comes to school uniforms because it gives them the feeling of belonging.

Improve attendance and behavior

Interestingly enough, there is evidence to suggest that school uniforms improve attendance. One 2010 study found that upon the introduction of school uniforms, absences among middle and high school girls decreased by 7 percent when a school uniform policy was introduced. One study of schools in the largest school districts in Ohio found that school uniforms improved attendance, suspension, and graduation rates across the board. Additionally, these studies suggest that uniforms may improve behavioral problems. One found that school uniforms reduced the severity of the behavioral issues they were having. In Albuquerque, NM, John Adams Middle School found that after introducing school uniforms, they say disciplinary reports drop from 1,565 in the previous year to 405 in the year following uniform implementation. School uniforms may be able to help schools improve their attendance and reduce the number of disciplinary incidents. 

Save time

In schools without uniforms, much time is wasted enforcing the dress code. This is because everyone is dressed differently, so it is more difficult to notice if an infraction has been made. Inevitably, a teacher will finally see the violation in the middle of the class, taking away from important class time. Additionally, it requires students to leave class to fix these infractions or go to the principal’s office, taking away from their education. With uniforms, fewer kids will try to violate the dress code, because if they do, it will be glaringly apparent. This saves teachers class time and students from having to deal with disciplinary issues instead of their learning.

Stop gangs

School uniforms also encourage a safer environment by discouraging gangs from wearing their insignia to school. In 2013, the Department of Justice found that nearly 50 percent of high school students in the US report that there are gang members at their school. This is a major safety risk for students, and schools must take steps to reduce gang-related crime as much as they can. One way they may be able to do this by implementing school uniform policies. One school in Osceola County, FL reported a 46 percent decline in gang-related activity after a year with a school uniform policy in place. Because clothing is such an important part of gang culture, school uniforms do important work for deterring gang activity.

 More punctuality

School uniforms make getting dressed in the morning simple. Forget battling over what your child will wear today; the answer is the same every day! They no longer have to struggle over what they can wear that will be fashionable enough to keep up with their peers; all of their peers will be wearing the same thing. Never worry again about being late because “there is nothing to wear;” as long as the uniform is clean, there is no excuse for being tardy!

 Save money for parents

When a child can only wear one outfit five days a week, it can dramatically relieve parents of a financial burden. This is because there is no need to buy nearly as many clothes as parents with children who do not wear a school uniform. Additionally, fashion naturally creates competition between peers, and some parents may feel inclined to help their kids keep up with the latest fashions. With school uniforms, there is no need for that; parents simply need to buy two or three sets of school uniform clothes to ensure they have a clean uniform on hand at all times.

 Individuality is still possible

Some people criticize school uniforms for encouraging conformity and preventing students from expressing their individuality through dress. However, school uniforms don’t have to stop students from self-expression. They can often still wear jewelry, as well as express themselves through other means, such as hairstyles, nail polish, and backpacks. There are many ways that motivated students can find to let their personality show, even in a school uniform.

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